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    Integrated Software

Integrated Management System Software

The demand for Governance Risk Management and Compliance is growing substantially. Organizations are replacing unintegrated point solutions and spreadsheets with centralized, enterprise-wide, integrated solutions that cover the full spectrum of risk disciplines. WWISE strives to provide an accessible compliance software solution that adapts to each unique business and, in return, can assist in ISO certification by being paperless and more efficient.

Our target market is any business that requires a user-friendly software platform that resolves standard corporate governance, risk and compliance issues as well as any business that needs t o streamline and standardize documentation across departments and become ISO compliant. This will also be available on mobile devices using iOS, Windows or Android.

ISO-IMS Specification Modules

1. Document Control (Control of Documents and Records)

Documents of all types can be created, distributed to relevant users and edited through a user-friendly approval process. All documents are stored systematically and provide a read only format with appropriate versionnumbers document numbers and relevant corporate identities. Once documents and records become obsoletethey are archived. A record control subsystem can link to any server and with a unique means of tracking therecord through the system via a search function for accessibility.

2. Non-conformances and Corrective Action

Non-conformances can be created, assigned to the responsible personnel rejected or accepted. The nonconformancemodule seamlessly integrates with all modules offered within the IMS and enables user s to track allnon-conformities created within this module and those generated by other modules. An online root cause analysisis provided by the management system where users can complete the relevant information (Such as 5 Whys,Fishbone Diagram, corrective actions etc.). The system provides a reporting tool for trend analysis for all nonconformances and corrective actions. The module interfaces with the risk assessment module and updates the risks accordingly.

3. Risk Assessments and Preventive Action

This module gives users the ability to create a risk matrix based on inherent risk, residual risk and risk treatments liked to objectives, targets and actions plans. The module is created in line with ISO 31 000 which is the fundamental guideline for risk management. The module tracks, monitors and report on all risks associated withprojects, products, services, processes, environmental, safety, energy, asset information security and integrateswith all modules that have risk analysis functionality.

4. Evironmental Aspects and Impacts

All aspects and impacts of the user’s environment can be documented, managed and analyzed. This module provides an automated formula based on the likelihood and consequences, and calculates the total risk, with mitigation controls, objectives, targets and programmes alike. The Environmental portal can also link to variouslegislations to justify compliance.

5. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)

The module enables users to document all health and safety hazards in the workplace as well as their control measures. The controls can link back to policies, processes, procedures and records. This is also part of the risk assessment module that primarily focuses on safety hazards within any workplace and links to the Occupational Health & Safety Act and International Labour Standards on Occupational Health & Safety.

6. Safety Incidents and Accident Investigation

Users are provided with a user-friendly interface where incidents can be recorded, tracked, managed, and maintained. The accident investigation module links to the corrective action module to allow user to conduct a comprehensive investigation using the 5 whys and fishbone diagr am. There are options to add images and link to CCTV footage. This provides a comprehensive management tool for Occupational Health & Safety and is aligned to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as the International Labour Standards on Occupational Health& Safety.

7. Audit Management

This module allows users to track and manage the scheduling of audits and recording the results of audits of all types (First Party-Internal, Second Party-Supplier, and Third Party-Certification). While seamlessly integrating with the non-conformance module to create an action plan that ensures conformance to a variety of ISO standards that links to the corrective action and risk assessment module.

8. Management Review

The Management Review module has set inputs in accordance to the requirements of the standards which can be entered into the agenda per standard. The discussion that takes place can be entered as minutes, actioned with dates, linked to your calendar on Outlook or SharePoint and once complete, reference back to a record to justify actions are completed.

9. Internal Communications

This module provides a record keeping system of internal and external communication. A user-friendly platform is created for users to upload and download internal communications in the organization and enable external users like suppliers to communicate with the company, while every part of the communication process can be monitored. The system can also send notifications on awareness, training, changes to documents, and regular bulk mails.

10. Client Satisfaction

Custom questionnaires are created with a simple 1(Poor) – 5(Excellent) rating for each question. A function has been created to send the specific survey to the client to rate the service aligned to objectives and client contracts. On retrieval of the feedback the percentage gained from the survey is automatically calculated and a statistical report of both the overall and individual client feedback is developed.

11. Supplier Management

The supplier management module allows users to source and evaluate potential suppliers based on criteria you can define and create, it automatically scores and rates the potential and current suppliers according to the company’s preferences and policies. Suppliers can apply online to become a vendor, undergoing an online assessment with supporting documents and even questionnaires. This is also linked to the BBBEE module.

12. Training

The Training module allows the organisation to control the records of all its employees and contractors. These records will be aligned to evidence for Education, Skills, Experience and Training. Where Training is required a skills plan can be generated linked to the Performance Module in Human Resources to determine effectiveness of training. This can also be linked to our E-Learning portal to keep records on the various delegates and their respective training and assessments.

13. BBBEE Scoring

Users are provided with a user-friendly interface where incidents can be recorded, tracked, managed, and maintained. The accident investigation module links to the corrective action module to allow user to conduct a comprehensive investigation using the 5 whys and fishbone diagram. There are options to add images and link to CCTV footage. This provides a comprehensive management tool for Occupational Health & Safety and is aligned to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as the International Labour Standards on Occupational Health & Safety.

14. Human Resources

This module consists of a variety of activities including recruitment, induction, record control, leave, performance appraisals, disciplinary hearings, training and claims. The Performance Appraisal and escalation element in the module allows to track whether or not non-conformances are being done within the relevant time frames, actions, objectives and corrective actions are being conducted, if not points are automatically deducted and escalated to management.

15. Quality Control

The module allows users to perform a quality control processes throughout their organisation and analyse the results. This can be added by the organisation by the use of a diagram, flow chart and respective understanding where there verification/inspection and validation points of the processes are. With the use of various statistical control mechanisms such as control charts, quality control plans, Pareto Analysis, check sheets and various other tools to assist process/product/service conformity.

16. Marketing and Sales

In this module sales and marketing are combined into one system. It enables the users to track the entire sales life cycle, identify the source of the leads, perform direct marketing campaigns, generate quotations, monitor negotiations, perform client relationship management and even calculate commission based on your criteria.

17. Finance

The Finance module assists organisations to determine the income and expense of each department and organisation as a whole. It can calculate profit, loss per project as well as assist in calculating Value Added Tax, create purchase orders, quotations, tax invoices statements and reconciliations. We can also pull data from your current financial systems and report on them based on your preference.

18. Asset & Calibration Management

This module enables the user to manage all company assets and associate the assets to a calibration record for measuring equipment or any other quality related applications. It can also link to a risk management portal that can assist in information security controls, depreciation and decommissioning of assets aligned to its reliability, maintainability and availability. The calibration module forms a part of the asset management module, and is designed to ensure that measuring equipment is regularly calibrated, a preventive maintenance plan with alerts for preventive and corrective maintenance can be customised to ensure all calibration records and certificates are uniform to the measuring tools, or configured based on the correct and updated licenses for software and antivirus.

19. Energy Management

The user is provided with a software based system to assist with focusing on the energy performance of the organisation. The system will provide a platform to pull data from smart meters or any other monitoring tool to conduct an energy review. Users are able to identify significant energy usage, set baseline parameters with variables, formulate energy performance indicators and create energy objectives, targets and actions plans with a reporting function related to a customised dashboard, assisting users to justify reduction or optimization of energy consumption against any capital costs.

20. Project Management

This module assists the user in planning, organising and managing resource tools and developing resource estimates. By identifying projects, milestones, and tasks and controlling those using records and justification of timelines with great advanced statistical tools. The module can pull data from any current project management tool such as MS projects or Excel.

21. Information Security

The information security module allows an organisation to select its statement of applicability based on the controls of ISO 27001:2013, create an asset risk based on the asset module, link to the risk assessment and treatment plan and conduct regular security logs of penetration tests, vulnerability scans to detect any malware and protect e-mails and confidential information on devices using smart algorithms. All incidents can be logged on a ticketing system and the root cause of the action can be determined with the corrective action module.

22. Reports

An accessible reporting function and business intelligence module is provided, this enables the user to view all reports in different forms with statistical analysis tools for each module in the software or in any other system.
How to get ISO-IMS

How to get ISO-IMS

To enquire about ISO-IMS please fill out the form below. Once your message is captured on the WWISE database, one of our consultants will contact you to schedule a meeting and determine the costs based on your requirements.

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