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    Why Choose Us

Our facilitators boast a 100% certification record.

WWISE offers you industry experts to help answer your questions. Our team consists of engineers, business consultants and auditors with years of experience in ISO compliance, as well as service provision to the manufacturing and service sectors.

We do not only focus on large corporations, but understand that smaller businesses should also experience the value of compliance with various international standards. With this in mind, we price our range of services extremely competitively.

We do not just preach compliance, but embody it. We follow a well-documented approach to auditing, training, business consultancy, systems development and certification preparation.

Our team responds to quote and information requests within 24 hours and has the same commitment to quality regarding all our actions. Indeed, we can develop a compliant Quality Management System within 14 days if the client is committed.

With no two management systems exactly the same, it goes without saying that a one-size fits all approach does not work when it comes to systems development and compliance management. We thus customise business solutions to fit your specific company size, industry and objectives.

We provide ongoing support throughout the compliance preparation process. Where needed, we redesign your systems and integrate with existing systems where possible. We understand that getting everyone involved may not be the easiest task, but by working with us, you will notice that we know how to get your executives and other employees committed.

Certification is only the confirmation of your company’s compliance with quality management and other requirements of the relevant standards. Ongoing improvement should be possible and this is why we bring you solutions, support and training to ensure that you can do so independently of WWISE after certification. That being said, you can rely on us for superior support.

We offer our clients a networking profile at our website. This means that you can expand your business network when you make use of our services.

We have a 100% certification record with all our clients from any SANAS certification authority. You therefore have the guarantee you require to select us.


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